The brands/products we made:

With more than 35 years of experience, the Tec IT Group was created to meet the highest standards in the technological market, following the constant evolution with new solutions.
Tec IT possesses know-how in the most diverse platforms and technological environments, looking with determination to assert itself and to conquer a new functional concept of excellence.
Commitment, quality, innovation, research and development are the core values of the group, demonstrated in the creation and development of each project. Based in Porto, Tec IT Group evolves through its ability to adapt to new technologies, striving for the perfect balance between innovation, quality and design. Provided by a highly competent and professional multidisciplinary research and development team.
In order to respond to the various technological markets in which it operates, the Tec IT Group has created, over the years of its professional course, brands of recognized value in the market, such as NexLed, NexWatt, JGDOMÓTICA, EV-Vision and SmartLi.

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Tec IT Tecnologia, Inteligência e Domótica, S.A.
Travessa Cabo do Mundo,681, 4455-427 Perafita - Matosinhos - Portugal
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